Empowering Development, Simplifying Cloud Management

At Qumulus, we're reshaping the cloud world by blending the efficiency and scalability of public clouds with the flexibility, performance and cost-effectiveness of private clouds.

We're committed to providing developers and companies with the infrastructure they need to innovate, without the traditional barriers of complex setup processes or escalating costs.
Cloud done right: Fast, flexible, and affordable
Ditch the setup, unlock your potential
Your cloud, your way. No compromise.

DevOps Reimagined

We recognize the challenges that come with the variety of DevOps tools and the complexities they introduce. That's why we've created a unified developer portal—a one-stop ecosystem that brings together a full suite of open-source DevOps tools, pre-integrated and ready to go.
This ecosystem is designed for immediate functionality, letting developers focus on what they do best: coding.

Commitment to open source

Qumulus is more than a service provider; we are a community advocate. By championing open-source collaboration, we're building a platform that not only serves our clients but also contributes to the broader development ecosystem. Our philosophy is rooted in open innovation, where every user has a voice and every feedback propels us forward.

Transparent Costs, Tangible Benefits

Qumulus is built with developers in mind. We've experienced the challenges firsthand, so we've designed our platform to be efficient, affordable, and user-friendly.
Lower cost
Lower latency
Higher performance

Real time Monitoring

All your resources are monitored in one central place, with logs, metrics, and alerts easily configurable at your fingertips.

Fast and easy to use

Our upcoming minimalist portal, designed specifically for developers, will make using the cloud simpler than ever.

Dedicated Hardware

All your resources are deployed to infrastructure exclusively reserved for you.

Backups and DR

Our affordable backup and DR service simplifies the process of keeping reliable offsite backups

Freedom from Vendor Constraints

Vendor lock-in can stifle innovation and flexibility. Our platform stands as a testament to the freedom of choice. With Qumulus, transition between services and platforms remains unhindered, giving you autonomy over your cloud decisions.

Product advantages

Open Source. Open Cloud

Harnessing the power and adaptability of open-source technologies, Qumulus offers unmatched versatility and ensures the platform can continuously evolve to meet dynamic cloud needs.

No bill shock

With a fixed monthly fee and no hidden charges, Qumulus offers a transparent pricing model that guarantees savings compared to mainstream public cloud providers.

Tailored for all

Designed by developers for developers, Qumulus also caters to individuals new to the cloud, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for everyone.

No vendor lock-In

Qumulus advocates for flexibility and freedom. Users aren't tied to one ecosystem, ensuring they have the liberty to migrate, modify, or integrate as they see fit.

Our platform process

Create your private Cloud

Provision your private cloud using our easy to use wizard

Access our Cloud Portal

Create and manage your virtual machines and Kubernetes Clusters

Monitor your Resources

Monitor and keep an eye on your resources using Grafana.


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