To simplify DevOps for all with open source technologies

We’re rebuilding DevOps from the ground up starting with a future-proof private cloud every developer wished they had. And shaping the future of cloud with simple pricing, open-source technologies, and innovative solutions.


Application development should be as simple and efficient as possible, end to end. Developers should be free to focus on writing code, not managing infrastructure. And organizations shouldn’t have to invest in large ops teams or expend huge efforts into building internal development platforms. A single fully integrated platform should be able to work out of the box.


Performance and cost efficiency should exceed that of a hyperscale public cloud. Developers should be billed one flat rate—no bill shocks. And have complete control and flexibility to allocate cloud resources without worrying about quotas.


Open source is the optimal approach. The best outcomes come from having unrestricted access to the best frameworks and technologies. Developers should never be locked into a vendor through lengthy contracts. Or be forced to adopt proprietary frameworks and technologies with limited applications.

Cloud’s biggest challenges: solved

We've reimagined cloud computing from the ground up with the best open-source technologies to give you superior performance, cost efficiency, and simplicity. With Qumulus, you won’t have to worry about these legacy cloud challenges ever again.


Say goodbye to hidden fees and long-term commitments. Get all the compute you need for just one flat monthly fee.

Infrastructure management

Leave infrastructure monitoring, security, and maintenance to us; empower your team to focus on development.


Avoid vendor lock-in and retraining. Stay productive with the open source frameworks you already know and love.

Poor hardware performance

Never compromise on performance ever again. Boost performance with the latest hardware while paying less than public clouds.

High data
egress fees

Forget paying extra for egress. Get a 1 Gbps link with unlimited bandwidth free or upgrade to a 10 Gbps link if required.

Complicated backup and DR

Don’t spend days integrating proprietary backup solutions. Benefit from efficient & resilient backups quickly with our simple, native backup solution.

Unfold Your Potential with Qumulus

Qumulus empowers DevOps teams with a robust platform engineered for agility and precision. By eliminating complex setup processes and tool sprawl, Qumulus streamlines deployment, fosters collaboration, and accelerates innovation. With our platform, repetitive tasks are automated, CI/CD pipelines are expedited, and team collaboration becomes frictionless. All while ensuring a high degree of flexibility to adapt to your unique workflow needs.

Automate repetitive tasks: Focus on innovation, not infrastructure management.
Fast CI/CD pipelines: High-performance hardware eliminates deployment bottlenecks.
Smoother team collaboration: Share resources and communicate efficiently.
Open and flexible: Integrate seamlessly with your existing DevOps tools.
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Affordable & Powerful Dev Cloud

Affordable performance cloud designed for developers who value control, cost-efficiency, and freedom.

Experiment fearlessly: Pay only for what you use, explore without breaking the bank.
Focus on features, not setup: Simple platform lets you code faster, manage less.
Boost your build speed: High-performance hardware accelerates development cycles.
Own your code, own your cloud: Open-source platform gives you freedom to choose.
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Scale Your Startup Seamlessly with Qumulus

Agile, affordable, and scalable cloud solution empowering startups to launch fast and grow fearlessly.

Flexible pricing options: Choose pay-as-you-go or fixed monthly plans.
User-friendly interface: Get started quickly and manage your cloud with ease.
Highly scalable infrastructure: Add or remove resources as your business grows.
Open-source platform: Integrate with your preferred tools and technologies.
Community support: Access resources and assistance specifically for startups.
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Enterprise Cloud, Simplified

Enterprise-grade cloud solution delivering performance, agility, and security at an optimized cost, enabling innovation and business transformation.

Performance boost: High-performance hardware fuels your demanding applications.
Improved agility: Respond quickly to market changes with flexible cloud resources.
Enhanced security: Protect sensitive data with robust security features.
Reduced costs: Eliminate upfront infrastructure investments and optimize resource usage.
Managed services: Optional support for advanced cloud management needs.
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Manage & Scale Your Clusters Effortlessly

Effortless Kubernetes management with built-in security, high performance, and scalability, empowering you to optimize and scale your containerized applications efficiently.

Simplify Kubernetes management: Deploy, manage, and scale clusters easily.
Seamless integration: Integrate with existing Kubernetes tools and workflows.
Enhanced security: Secure your Kubernetes environment with built-in features.
Automatic scaling: Easily adapt to fluctuations in application resource demands.
High-performance infrastructure: Ensure low latency and fast deployments for your containers.
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Meet the team

We’re a small but highly experienced, engineering-first team driven by a shared vision to make DevOps accessible to all.

Daniel Niasoff

Founder &
Platform Engineer

Danny Hawkins


Rajat Pawnar


Amine Bouabdallah, PhD

Senior DevOps Engineer

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